Did An Unfortunate Accident Ruin Your Business Reputation? What To Do Now

If your business has had some unfortunate breaks and some incidents that have painted the business in a bad light in the community, even though they haven't directly tried to do anything wrong, it may be time to get help. It may be time to hire professionals to help you change the business image, to get help with attracting new business, and to turn things around. Here are some of the things that need to know if you are hesitating to get professional help. [Read More]

Hotel Staff Wear And Souvenirs: 3 Tips For Creating Embroidered Items To Wow Your Guests

If you run a hotel, B&B, or any type of resort-related business, you need custom-embroidered staff wear and linens to be rated a cut above the rest of the hospitality crowd. How can you afford all of this fancy new embroidery? It's simple and related. Start a new revenue stream by selling embroidered caps, t-shirts, and tote bags to your guests. Here's what you should know to get started: Create a logo that represents the essence of your destination. [Read More]