Hotel Staff Wear And Souvenirs: 3 Tips For Creating Embroidered Items To Wow Your Guests

If you run a hotel, B&B, or any type of resort-related business, you need custom-embroidered staff wear and linens to be rated a cut above the rest of the hospitality crowd. How can you afford all of this fancy new embroidery?

It's simple and related. Start a new revenue stream by selling embroidered caps, t-shirts, and tote bags to your guests. Here's what you should know to get started:

Create a logo that represents the essence of your destination.

If there's a tangible presence like the beach, an iconic city, or a national forest that draws visitors to your location, it should be featured in some way in your logo. Combine that graphic with your company name in easy-to-read letters and you have a winning logo.

A shell or a wave can indicate the beach, just as a leaf or a moose can suggest the deep woods. You can't pack all of your amenities in one patch or shirt logo, so choose an initial embroidery design that captures the main theme of your establishment.

Keep costs down by limiting designs to 3 colors or less.

Most embroidery work will be charged based on the number of stitches and colors needed to create the design. The more colors you include in your logo, the more it will cost per garment or linen item.

When it comes to stitches, the more thread and stitches used, the more detailed and lush the logo will appear. The extra thread will also hold up well to repeated washing. However, if you're on a budget, your embroidery shop can embroider a simpler, lower-thread count design for your first projects, and you can increase the quality of embroidery as sales grow.

Let the pros do the digitizing for the best results.

Nearly all commercial embroidery today is done by computer-controlled sewing machines. A digitized template of your embroidery design is made and the computer tells the sewing machine to copy it.

You can't use a simple .jpg file, but must use the specific file format for individual sewing machines. There are many tutorials and programs available to help you digitize your own embroidery files, but it's best to let the pros handle this part. A trained digitizer knows how to separate the elements of an image to make each component pop when it's made of thread. You might make a design that works, but it may not translate well into a sewn image.

Travelers love to have souvenirs of the places where they've stayed, so finance an upgrade in your staff uniforms and linens by offering your guests the chance to purchase towels, bathrobes, and other useful items emblazoned with your unique logo.

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